Yesterday was really a memorable day. We started off the day by heading to the Grenadier Reataurant in High Park, where we enjoyed the delicious breakfast of toast, bacon and eggs. After our meal was complate, we headed back to the hotel for a couple hours of rehearsals. Once rehearsals were finished, we were allowed to go to our rooms to get ready for supper at Medieval Times.


Once we arrived to Medieval Times, we were seated in a stadium chereing for the red team! It was so excitig to see who would win, and we were so excited when the red team beat the evil knight and it was announced that the red team won! After the show, we had time to take pictures with people, and with some of the characters from the performance. It was a fun night especially when we got on the bus and had a party. It was a perfect way to excited for preliminaries! I’m on my phone right now, you can view photos on my Facebook page, N’Keyah: Miss Teenage Woodbridge 2014

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