Miss Teenage Canada www.missteenagecanada.com has recently launched a new sister competition called Top Model Search Canada www.topmodelsearchcanada.com. This competition is searching across the country of Canada for young girls between the ages of 17 and 26 . The 40+  finalists chosen will compete for not just the crown; but also a modeling contract in Toronto! The winner of this will become the next Miss Supranational Canada and runners up become

Miss Top Model of the World Canada and Miss Supermodel Canada International! Every finalist will get an opportunity to  shine and get their big break by talking to agents.

In these types of pageants, all girls need to remember to be themselves, and not to be someone that they are not. Everyone has a purpose, and girls competing in this pageant, or in any pageant must know that they should be proud of themselves of who they are, and how far they have come. Not everyone gets a chance have this opportunity, whether they deserve it or not, and people who do get to have this privilege should savour it but most importantly be themselves and just have fun.

I wish all the girls competing in Top Model Search Canada www.topmodelsearchcanada.com and Miss Teenage Canada www.missteenagecanada.com a great time, and good luck. Don’t forget all the advise I have given you, just be yourself and people will like you for who you are. You are all beautiful, and have made it this far. 🙂

Written by: N'keyah
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