The original Miss Teen Canada pageant was called Miss Teen Canada from 1969 to 1971. This pageant was renamed Miss Teen Canada in 1972, which was always held in Toronto, it 1990 pageant.

Today, there are lots of showcases and pageants out there. But the largest Teen Competition in Canada is owned and produced by a woman named Michelle Weswaldi, which began in 2008.  This pageant really worth it because other than being the largest pageant in Canada, it also has the most media exposure, celebrity hosts and judging panel, past celebs include Angeline McDonald and Matthew Collins.  The winner of Miss Teenage Canada ( gets to compete in   Miss Teen Universe! Past winners include Lauren Sandhu and Lauren Howe.

Pageants have given me confidence because they make me realize that I am worthy of having a chance to compete in them. Before the Miss Teenage Canada pageant, I was shy and not willing to talk to someone before they talked to me.

Now, after winning the title Miss Teenage Woodbridge 2014, it made realize that there was nothing to worry about. Recently, I was a guest at a clothing boutique called Zero 20 in my city, and I felt so comfortable talking to people  and taking pictures with their kids. With this title, it has given me a higher stage to reach my goals, and what I plan to do with my title is carry out my platform: to ensure that all kids around the world have a proper education and a healthy lifestyle. I’ve already accomplished a very small part of that goal with my fundraising for Free the children, but there is so much more. Even after this upcoming pageant, I will still find ways to raise money and to donate to Free the Children.



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